Urban Oasis Tour

Common Ground High School

Did you know our city is one of a handful urban wildlife refuges designated by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service across the country? Discover urban oases for people & wildlife, while exploring nature in your city.

Join in a student-led tour of an educational wetland and school yard habitat at Common Ground High School, and venture down to a new urban oasis created by high school students along Wintergreen Brook (1:30-2:15). Then hop on a van that will bring you to a walking tour of urban oases at Southern Connecticut State University, Beaver Ponds Park, and King Robinson School, on your way to a brand-new city park created by neighbors and partners on Cherry Ann Street in New Haven (2:15-4:00).

Along the way, meet the students, partners, and neighbors who are creating and stewarding these urban oases, and log the birds and wildlife we see along our route. You’ll leave with a map of the 22 urban oasis sites across our city. Total walking distance approximately 1 mile, on and off of trails; wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Shuttle vans available from Cherry Ann back to Common Ground, thanks to Southern Connecticut State University.

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