SriKrishna Leelamrutham is a Kuchipudi dance drama set in the village of Brindavan where the animals enjoy Lord Krishna’s melodious tunes on the flute. He plays mischievous pranks on the village maids by stealing butter, knocking down pots of butter as the gopikas carry it on their head, and teases them by hiding their clothes while they bathe in the river. The venomous Kaliya poisons the river Yamuna and Lord Krishna's fights it as peace returns to Brindavan.

Prakruthi will combine Kuchipudi-a traditional dance form and contemporary puppetry. Using traditional symbols from Indian classical dance (mudras) performing a range of emotions (abhinaya), this performance explores the embodied connection between humans and nature while advocating environmental protection and conservation.

Tarangam is a popular traditional item from the Kuchipudi repertoire which praised Lord Krishna. The dancer dances on the edges of a brass plate, executing complicated rhythmic patterns with dexterity.

Laya Vinyasa

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