ACTIVATE (BE)LONGING: The Every 28 Hours Plays: New Haven

Long Wharf Theatre, Collective Consciousness, BlackLivesMatter NHV, People Against Police Brutality, SURJ, SCSU, Elm Shakes

The Every 28 Hours Plays is a national project focused on the current Civil Rights movement. The title came from the widely shared and contested statistic that every twenty-eight hours a black person is killed by vigilante, security guard, or the police in the United States. The project consists of around 70+ one minute plays and original local content with participation from artists across the nation.

The goal is to confront the idea that "this doesn't happen here" by sharing local stories along with the national ones and to inspire empathy and citywide mobilization around the existing and ongoing organizing around police accountability.

Co-created and produced by Claudia Alick of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Dominic D’Andrea of The One-Minute Play Festival, with the participation of theater artists around the country. Originally created and produced on the ground in the St Louis community, and in Ferguson, the third phase of the project are a coordinated series of national readings and engagements all over the country sponsored and presented by our partnering theatres. For more information on the original artists who created this body of work, please visit:

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