NHdocs: Sunday, June 4

11 am: Workshop on guerilla filmmaking

1 pm: Student films and competition

5:00 pm:
Little Town Heroes (David Butkus, 2017) The story of 5 WWII Veterans from our small town in Bethlehem, CT. 43 mins 7:00 pm (Food Truck, music)
Felipe’s Letter to His Three Sons (Frank Chi and Kica Matos, 2016). 1 min
I Live in a Crazy Time (Frank Chi and Kica Matos, 2017). 1 min
Rise Up Together (Frank Chi and Kica Matos, 2017) Reveals the reality of many immigrants’ daily the lives and their loved ones at this moment. 1 min
The Sanctuary City ICE Created: 10 Years Later (Travis Carbonella, 2017) How New Haven became a sanctuary city. 6 mins
The Corner Store (Benjamin Oldfield, 2017) The local store which helps to make a community—three of them. 14 mins
Tlaxcala Dreams (Sebastian Medina-Tayac, 2017) Those coming to New Haven from Mexico have dreams––all sorts of them. There is the American dream but also the dream that families divided by borders can somehow be reunited. 47 mins

9: 00 pm:
Elegy For the Time Being (Tram Luong, 2017) Inspired by the life of Huỳnh Sanh Thông - the first Vietnamese scholar to arrive at Yale University in the 1950s, this documentary is also a critical reflection on the act of story-telling in documentary representation. 70 mins