Imani Winds has a Passion for Bach and Coltrane

Passion for Bach and Coltrane is inspired by the poetry of A.B. Spellman, specifically his book of poems Things I Must Have Known. The poetry speaks to the musical mastery of J.S. Bach, John Coltrane as well as religion and mortality.
1 performance only in New Haven - Tonight June 23 at 8pm!


I am so privileged to have been at your stunning performance last night. Thank you for sharing this inaugural performance with the New Haven Community. I hope that you recorded last night and that this recording will be available to purchase or at least that you do plan to make a recording in the near future. (FYI-it would be great to purchase the book of poetry and the CD together.) One comment, because you flow through classical and jazz it is hard to know when to applaud. I think the audience was bursting to applaud throughout! Thank you!
Arlene Aizer Cohen

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