Festival 21 Video: Celebrate Your Summer

Take a Bow!

Festival 21 was the best Fest ever! Our artists, premieres, and panelists reached local, national, and global audiences, and you were here. We’re sharing the celebration with this video postcard from June, and since Arts & Ideas is more than summer, watch for news about upcoming events after Labor Day.

Exciting summer stats to share:

  • 100,000+ visitors and artists from across the country - including 37 states - and from around the world, as far as China and New Zealand.
  • 145 out of 169 Connecticut towns represented - CT loves its Arts & Ideas!
  • 1.4 million fans reached via social media posts, shares, and Live video streaming.
  • Critical acclaim from too many leading media outlets to count - read highlights!

Thank you for being a part of our Smart Fun, attending events, inviting friends, 'sharing,' 'liking,' and 'tweeting' our news, and being part of the Festival family. Your continued support is vital in bringing more commissioned work, World and U.S. premieres, and more than 150 FREE events to New Haven throughout the year.

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