ARTS FOR LABOR: AnUrbanNerd (Josh Brown) & Darlene Kascak

AnUrbanNerd (Josh Brown)
AnUrbanNerd has been writing and performing for more than 15 years. He is a Poet, Spoken Word artist and Rap artist with a background in education and engineering. He brings a number of experiences to his craft being able to connect with a wide audience. He spent years suppressing his gift trying to avoid being a stereotypical black man who raps, however he learned that “our gifts are not your own” and now he makes sure to give his gift back whenever he can. He has published several poems and has written and distributed two Music EP’s. He currently Teaches in the New London District where his goal is to provide more opportunities for students to express themselves.

Darlene Kascak
Darlene Kascak (Schaghticoke Tribal Nation) is the Education Coordinator at The Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington, Connecticut. Her experience as an educator, tour guide, museum assistant and Traditional Native American Storyteller has taught her the importance of educating both young and old about the many misconceptions and stereotypes about her ancestors. Her style of teaching from a Native American’s point of view allows children and adults the opportunity to have a new understanding of Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples lives both in the past and in the present.