ART FOR LABOR: Paco Godoy y su Gran Orquestra Internacional

Born in Ecuador, Paco gave his first piano recital at age 5. A musical prodigy, he has recorded numerous CD’s and collaborated with international legendary Latin American artists like Franco de Vita and Bacilos. Having performed in renowned theaters across Latin America, Godoy has also performed organ recitals at the Notre Dame Basilica in Paris, Our lady of Guadalupe Basilica, and performed for Pope Francis on his first visit to Latin America. His compositions have been taught and performed at the Rich Forum and Palace Theater of Stamford, Connecticut and most recently, at the Vienna Conservatory during the 2018- 2019 season. His recent solo tours include Europe and Asia, presented by the Ecuadorian Embassy in France, Singapore, Hungary, Mexico and others.

He is featured in numerous anthologies in Ecuador, Peru and Argentina denoting his contributions to popular and academic music. Paco received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Universidad Autónoma de Quito, in Ecuador and has been INTEMPO’s orchestrator and artist ambassador since 2011.