Artist Response to Stephanie Burt's Advice From the Lights

Interview with New Haven native and artist Bubblicious about her art and contribution to the Virtual Art Gallery - Advice From the Lights: An Artistic Response to the poetry of Stephanie Burt.

From Our Couches to Yours: 4 live shows to watch from home this holiday season

If you are a fan of live shows and performance art who is reluctantly saying “I’d rather stay in," here is the official staff list of best live shows that you can stream right to your living room.

Let's Make a Dance!

Always dreamed of being onstage? Here’s your shot! 

Do you tap your feet when a good song comes on? Did you perform in school plays? Do you dance around your kitchen? Whether you're a foot-tapper or...

Human Library Sparks Dialogue Between Diverse Community Members

Sociologists Billy Bromage and Virginia Spell have worked with Arts & Ideas to coordinate a Human Library event on the New Haven Green.

Gospel Fest: Soul Stirring Music and the Woman Behind It All

Every community has its ray of light, its mother, the person to whom they look up to for faith and for hope, the New Haven community has Ms. Mae Gibson-Brown.

Personal answers to big questions create interactive public art

"I didn’t have to tell people I was the creator of the structures for them to turn to me and say something along the lines of, 'I’ve never really thought about this. This is a good question. It’s...

One Paper, Many Moments - Alex Ripp, Ideas Program Manager

Every time I look at the large sheet of paper still hanging on my office wall, different memories spill into my consciousness, but today, these are the ones that surface.

Finding Peace in Movement and Adventures in Stillness: An Interview with Pico Iyer

As previously mentioned on this blog, I am a podcast junkie. While scrolling through the past episodes of one of my favorite shows, Krista Tippett’s On Being, I came across an interview with Pico...

"Girls: Who Run the World" Not all women believe in the same path to gender equality.

Hillary Clinton seems poised to accept the nomination of the Democratic party, but it isn’t as clear as it may seem what this, and her potential presidency, means for feminism in the U.S.

While the...

Funk Buzz

Since announcing Festival 21 a couple of weeks ago it has been so much fun for me to walk around New Haven, show up at events, or grab a cup of coffee and hear to the reactions to everything we have...

Re-defining "Home Turf"

Given the heat of presidential primaries, the word “immigration” is in the air these days. It’s attached to candidates’ views on safety, jobs, education, and more. It brings voters together and just...

Festival Partner JUNCTURE Co-Presents Yale Symposium April 7-8

This week's symposium at Yale features interdisciplinary discussions with JUNCTURE’s visiting artists, international artists, human rights advocates, and curators. Poet, teacher, and activist Carolyn...