Compagnia de' Colombari - More or Less I am, episode 4: Gratitude

My soul is itself and also everything that the friendly others have given me.

I Teach Straying: Dietrice Bolden

Letters from God: Sarah Heltzel, Giovanni Pucci, Frank Rodriguez, Carlton Terrence...

Compagnia de' Colombari - More or Less I am, episode 3: NATURE AND DEMOCRACY

Inspired by Walt Whitman’s revolutionary poem “Song of Myself,” the international collective Compagnia de’ Colombari combines fiddle and flute, dance, sea shanties, opera, and poetry in a declaration...

Compagnia de' Colombari - More or Less I am, episode 2: The City

In our community, we are all citizens, we are one.


Ashlyn Isler, Sorab Wadia, Jenni Lea Jones, Carlton Terrence Taylor, Uncle Ted, Cristina Spina

Ned Eisenberg, Paul Robert Pryce...

From Our Couches to Yours: 4 live shows to watch from home this holiday season

If you are a fan of live shows and performance art who is reluctantly saying “I’d rather stay in," here is the official staff list of best live shows that you can stream right to your living room.

‘Home’ at Arts & Ideas a collaborative concept that combines a concert with dance and performance art

“Home” is an art installation about a seemingly humdrum concept — hanging around the house — that happens to have been created by someone with a deep-rooted desire to entertain, enlighten and excite....

Review: Gay duo makes seamless dash through tough question in ‘No Kids’

There may be couples as meticulous and thorough when considering parenthood as Nir Paldi and George Mann do in their quick-paced performance of “No Kids,” running through Saturday at Iseman Theater...

Kids or ‘No Kids’: A gay couple’s debate forms New Haven theater piece

To parent, or not to parent? That is the question.

That’s also the distillation of “No Kids,” a two-character play running Wednesday through Saturday, June 12-15, at Iseman Theater as part of the...

"Festival" is a verb.

We know it; you showed it. Thank you - to our audiences, artists, thinkers, volunteers, and staff - for making Arts & Ideas the "Crown Jewel" of the arts in Connecticut!

Aaron Jafferis on (Be)longing: Personal stories provide people with a pathway to connection.

“Paying attention to folks who might feel excluded and reaching out directly, and also creating entry points for folks indirectly who we might not know are feeling excluded, that’s one of the biggest...

LA RONDE Review: "the immensity of imagination"

Lucy Gellman of the New Haven Independent ventures through LA RONDE at the New Haven Armory.

A Summer wrap-up: Festival Life meets Anti-Internationalism

Profoundly symbolic in every way, this banner represented what all of us working in the world of festivals strive for every day: to create a pathway through the arts and humanities that brings the...

Festival 21 Video: Celebrate Your Summer

Festival 21 was the best Fest ever! Our artists, premieres, and panelists reached local, national, and global audiences, and you were here. We’re sharing the celebration with this video postcard from...