Feast of the Future

presented with Global Local Gourmet and the Ely Center

Nadine Nelson of Global Local Gourmet will cook a meal filled with dishes inspired by foods of the future that will be environmentally sustainable in our ever-changing globe like seaweed, insects, wild meat and weeds. What will food look like despite rising sea levels, a warming ocean affected by acidification and deoxygenation of our waters? Come taste Oysters with a Ramp and Wild Strawberry Mignotte, Venison Stuffed Grape Leaves, Octopus Empanadas with Aji Mayo, Foraged Weeds with Nori Salad dressing, Spring Soup with Seaweed Brittle, Cricket Flour Tea Cakes, Mango and Coconut Agar Agar, Jamaican Irish Moss Milkshake, Seaweed Beer, and other unique food offerings for a rambling meal full of surprises and experiential delight throughout the museum. Nadine Nelson is usually behind the scenes in food, producing interactive cooking events, teaching cooking classes, recipe testing, food styling or writing about cuisine for national publications. She has cooked at James Beard House, has studied at the Ritz Escoffier in Paris, and is excited to create this meal of the future celebrating the earth’s elements.

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