Beyond the Vote

An Ideas Mini Series

By the people and for the people is more than just an idea; for a democracy to truly function, civic participation must be ongoing and democracy must be a practice. We practice democracy by voting, communicating with our representatives, engaging in dialogue with each other and using our platforms to make intentional choices about the voices we amplify, the words we use, and the art we make. Arts and Ideas engaged with the idea of democracy and civic engagement has been an organizing theme in our Festival programming in 2020. As we approach the national election, we are again inspired to engage our platform to amplify the work of colleagues and friends who are making choices about what they say with and through their work.

Composing Freedom

A Conversation with Jazz at Lincoln Center musicians Walter Blanding and Ted Nash

Join composers and musical greats Walter Blanding and Ted Nash in a conversation about using their artistic gifts to highlight freedom and democracy in our contemporary culture. The conversation is a companion to The Democracy! Suite featuring The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra Septet with Wynton Marsalis, presented by Jazz at Lincoln Center.


Featuring The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra Septet with Wynton Marsalis

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra Septet's performance of "The Sounds of Democracy" aims to entertain, inspire, and uplift audiences with the full vigor, vision, and depth of America’s music. Led by trumpeter/composer Wynton Marsalis and featuring seven of jazz's finest soloists, the concert's unique repertoire celebrates jazz's embodiment of freedom and democracy.

Beyond the Vote: Sanctuary

A Latina Theory conversation with authors Paola Mendoza and Abby Sher

Podcasters Maria Isa & Jessica Lopez Lyman of Latina Theory moderate a discussion between authors Paola Mendoza and Abby Sher about their new book SANCTUARY.

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Women Queer Out The Vote

Raising the Voices of Queer Women at the Voting Booth

Queer women's voices need to be heard - especially when it comes to our public representatives. Queer women need to make themselves heard at the ballot box.

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Herstory: An Undertold Narrative of Civic Participation

A premiere of Lady Lawyer Lockwood Rides her Tricycle

Prospect Theater Company’s VISION Series presents a world premiere of Lady Lawyer Lockwood Rides her Tricycle, an original short musical on film about groundbreaking 19th-century American lawyer Belva Ann Lockwood, the first woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court.

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