Speaking Your Truth

First Steps into the Art of Storytelling With Matthew Dicks

Internationally bestselling novelist and 46-time Moth StorySLAM and GrandSLAM champion Matthew Dicks teaches the art of personal storytelling in a low stakes, information packed, highly entertaining workshop designed to meet the needs of people with little or no any previous storytelling experience.

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Stories & Storytelling: You, Me and the World Around Us

with Storyteller Laconia Therrio

Stories remind us more of our commonalities than our differences. Race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, politics can divide. What if there was a way to hear one another without defensiveness? What if there was a way that we could “see” what the other is trying to say? And while doing that, they can “see” what we are trying to say. This workshop will show how stories can help.


Dinner Stories #2

New Haven: Why I Came and Why I Stayed

New Haven storytellers share stories on the theme of New Haven - Why I Came and Why I Stayed.



Dinner Stories #3

Recipes for Love, Food, and Disaster

Join 3 skilled local storytellers as they tell tales of Love, Food and Disaster.


Dinner Stories #1


Sit down to dinner in the comfort of your own home and enjoy three New Haven storytellers sharing stories on the theme of Travel. 


Workshop: Using Story to Showcase Your Value With Cynthia Rojas

We often find it difficult to talk about our accomplishments and the value we bring to our employers. Simply offering a list of our skills or tasks is not enough. Information is best absorbed through story, and this interactive workshop will show you why storytelling is a much more effective form of communication, the science of a great story, and how to use storytelling as a tool to showcase your accomplishments and value. This workshop is for individuals looking to change careers, seeking a new job, or looking to advance into a leadership position.


Storytelling for Change with Bridget Brown

Stories change hearts and minds. They change cultures. They change organizations. People want to connect to a cause, but if they can’t understand a clear story, they can’t make a connection. This two-hour workshop will cover all of these necessary items and help arm you with the power to change hearts and minds.