Shaping Our Voices Into Movements, Action and Allyship


Join the Activist Songbook team as fellow artists and activists discuss how we can raise our voices to become agents for social change and what People of the Global Majority (PGM) allyship looks like. 

We grapple with questions like:

  • What are the roles of theatre, art and activism in a highly politicized environment?
  • What responsibility does the artist and the activist have in a ‘democracy’ and how does that responsibility translate into mobilization?
  • What steps are needed to transform art into social action?
  • How does activism directly shape political movements?
  • How do PGM artists and activists support each other and their movements through their artistic voices? 

Moderated by Annie Lin, Associate Director of Arts Programs, Yale-China, the panel features Diane Phelan, Director/Actress and founder of the Broadway Diversity Project as well as the #RacismIsAVirus and #UnapologeticallyAsian movements; Kristina Wong, Performance Artist tackling a wide range of social justice issues and an elected representative in Los Angeles, CA; Lily Tung Crystal, award-winning Artistic Leader and Multimedia Producer currently serving as Artistic Director of Theatre Mu in the Twin Cities, and Adrian Huq, Youth Activist, Artist, and Organizer with a focus on climate justice.