Onnie Chan: Never Stand Still

What does it feel like to be contained in our chaotic world? Using elements of the ancient Chinese game, Mahjong, Never Stand Still gives audience members an opportunity to travel on a journey with people halfway around the world, in Hong Kong, for a completely new experience.

身处混乱世界是怎样一种感觉?《永不停息》(Never Stand Still)运用中国古老的游戏——麻将中的元素,使观众们有机会与半个世界之遥的香港人一起踏上全新体验的旅程。

Never Stand Still (Immersive Game Theatre):
Director & Playwright Onnie Chan
Producer Steven Koernig
Set Designer John Bondi
Lighting Designer Jamie Burnett
Sound Designer Kathy Ruvuna
Video Designer William Wheeler
Graphic Designer Dustin Tong
Stage Manager Margaret Gleberman
Performers Evan Gambardella, Xiaoqing Guo, King Wong, Lk Lo, Jenny Yip, Isabella Leung

Special thanks to Escape New Haven.