2020 Arts & Ideas in the News

Virtual Festival Highlights

This year’s Festival is very different from any we’ve done before. This isn’t the 25th anniversary we imagined, but we are extremely proud of the virtual and physically distanced program that we re-imagined to virtually embrace our audience, artists, and community, and to deliver, in a new way, all the things you know and love about the Festival. And the press agrees!

“In an arts season marked by cancellations, postponements and uncertainty, three summer arts festivals in Connecticut have distinguished themselves by announcing that their shows will go on....They have found ways to serve artists, audiences and their core artistic missions during socially distant times.”

Hartford Courant, May 14: "Connecticut Summer Theater Festivals Reinvent Themselves"

"From GoPro biking tours to performances broadcast in assisted living homes to Zoom cooking classes with food kits from local restaurants replacing the food bazaars and tastings of past festivals, Arts & Ideas is finding alternate ways to bring people together."

American Theatre, May 15: "Summer Breaks: How Arts Festivals Are Coping With Cancellation"

"Look at the bright side of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas being forced to wipe out its live events in the 2020 coronavirus crisis: There is an early start to the stimulating Ideas portion of the schedule....with a worthy theme of 'Democracy: We the People.'"

New Haven Register, May 8: "Arts & Ideas (Minus the Live Arts) Gets Rolling with Heady Online Forums"

"Entitled Democracy: We the People, the interactive events and conversations bring together vital thinkers and doers to address and engage with national and international issues through the microcosm of the culturally rich, diverse, and complex communities of New Haven."

Broadway World, May 6: " International Festival of Arts & Ideas Announces DEMOCRACY: WE THE PEOPLE"

"The festival pivoted. Instead of canceling or postponing its 25th anniversary season, Griggs and Fisher refocused their attention on digital space and the local artists, thinkers, and doers who could operate in it. They talked about how they could use an arts festival, which is often billed as an economic driver for the city, to support small businesses and local restaurants even if their doors spaces weren't open. They envisioned how a body can move on a walking tour through the city, even if it's all alone."

April 14, New Haven Arts: "Arts & Ideas Goes Virtual"

More Press

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February 14, New Haven Register: "Takei still setting the course as ‘visionary’ honoree of Arts & Ideas"

February 14, Hartford Courant: "George Takei, receiving an award from Arts & Ideas, talks about his acting, his writing and his activism"

February 14, Yale News: "Actor and activist George Takei to talk about childhood in internment camp"

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