At Arts & Ideas, we strive to create a Festival that has something for everyone. This includes making it as accessible as possible and being able to meet the needs of many different people. Below are some of the accommodations we offer.

*Note: Accommodations may vary year to year. For the most updated information, please call our Accessibility Line at 203.498.3714

In-Person, Virtual and Live-Streamed Events

In-Person Events

Wheelchair/Limited Mobility Seating
Sealed earplugs will be available for patrons with sensory processing sensitivity.
Patrons will also be able to come and go from the audience area as they wish.

Virtual and Live-Streamed Events

All virtual and live-streamed events will have live Closed Captioning (CC) on Facebook Live.

Let Us Know How We Can Assist

  • Festival patrons now have the ability to identify their accommodation needs without having to be asked.
  • Once you have logged into your ONLINE ACCOUNT, you will be able check off any accommodations, you may need to enhance your experience with us.
  • Please also call our dedicated Accessibility Line at 203.498.3714