Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I buy/reserve tickets? 
You may buy/reserve tickets online, on specific pages for each event. For assistance, please call the Box Office at (203) 498-3771 from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday or email If the Box Office is closed, please leave a message and we will respond to your question within 24 hours. 

Do I need to buy/reserve tickets in advance? 
Please. There will be reservations that can be made on the green. But reservations made in advance will help traffic control. 

Does my child count as a member of my pod? 
Yes, children count as patrons. 

Can I add additional people to my pod if we are all together? 
No. Pod reservations are final and we are unable to add patrons to pods.  

How many pods can I reserve at a time? 
You may reserve as many pods as you’d like, but please reserve only the spaces you intend to use. 

Will tickets to other events be sold on the Green? 
Yes; however, these are limited. 

Is all Festival content family-friendly? 
We believe the content to be broadly appealing and able to be enjoyed by a variety of ages. Children are certainly welcome on the Green if their grownups wish to bring them. We encourage you to read the full event descriptions on the website. 

Visit the Festival’s COVID 19-Safety Protocols Page for full details.  

What are you doing to keep me—and other audience members—safe? 
As we plan for in-person programming this year, we remain committed to the safety of our patrons and employees. To this end, we have developed this series of guidelines to make sure that your Festival experience will be safe and healthy. You can find the guidelines here.  

Are you contact tracing?  
Yes, there will be a contact tracking process.  You will be notified if someone near your pod tests positive and we are notified.   

Will I be required to use mask once you are in your pod. 
We strongly encourage the use of masks at all times. 

I only want to see one act. Do I really have to reserve an entire bloc? 
Yes. While we hope you will stay to enjoy the entire bloc of programs, you may leave whenever you wish. 

If I’m not comfortable attending in-person programming, are there events for me? 
If you are not comfortable attending in-person events, we are happy to share that the majority of our in-person events will also be streamed live on Facebook LiveYouTubeTwitch, and our Virtual Stage. 

Where do I park and how much is parking?   
Please see our parking page here. 

Is there public transportation to the Green? 
Yes! There is public transportation from the Metro North train station and bus lines run throughout the downtown area. 

When does the Festival Info Center open? 
2 PM daily  

How will check-in work? 
Guests go through the COVID Compliance procedure at Check-In, and if passed, will receive a color-coded wristband. Guests will then proceed to the GATE to confirm their reservation and receive another color-coded wristband. Guests will be able to complete the Check-In procedure at the Information Center starting at 2pm every day, at this point guests with reservations on the Green will just proceed to the Gates.  

At what time can I arrive to be seated at my pod? 
House will open 45 minutes - 1 hour before the event begins.  

Can different members of a party (pod) arrive at different times.  
Yes. Our ushers at the gate will mark pods that have seats for guests who will be arriving later. 

If different members of a party (pod) arrive at different times, how will you ensure that we are seated together? 
Our ushers at the gate will mark pods that have seats for guests who will be arriving later. 

Can my friends in a different pod be seated at a pod next to mine? 
We cannot ensure that you will be seated next to another pod; we advise you to arrive together if possible. 

How are pods indicated?  
Pods will be marked with a vinyl mesh mat. We are seating as we fill, so ushers will monitor seating.  

Are the pods numbered? 
No, pods are not numbered. Ushers will be seating upon arrival. 

Will there be blankets & chairs? 
There will not be blankets or chairs provided, but you may bring your own. 

Can I bring blankets & chairs? 
We encourage you to bring comfortable chairs or a blanket, but to leave large sunshade structures at home- we want everyone to be able to see the show. 

Once I enter the Green, can I leave and come back? 
Yes, you can enter and exit the Green at any time. 

Are there bathrooms? 
Yes, there are portable restrooms on the Green that will be indicated with signage. There will be at least 2 ADA compliant restrooms. 

Are dogs allowed in my pod? 
Dogs and other pets are not allowed unless protected by ADA. We will be asking, “What service does your animal provide?” and looking for Service Animal delineation. 

Will there be food served on the Green? 
Food will not be sold on the Green, but you may purchase food from nearby food trucks to enjoy on the Green.  

Can I bring food and eat in my pod? 
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food, and there will be a variety of food trucks near the Green during most performances. 

Can I bring alcohol? 
No, there is no alcohol permitted on the Green. 

Visit the Festival’s accessibility page for full details.  

Is the Green wheelchair accessible?  
Yes. Each area will have pods specifically for wheelchair users and their parties. You will have an opportunity to let us know that you will need one during the reservation process. You can also identify yourself as a wheelchair user (and any other accessibility needs you may have) by logging into your account and checking off the Wheelchair user box in the Accessibility section. This will let us know your needs across all Festival events you attend, so you won’t need to identify every time you register.  

Will there be ASL Interpretation on the green? 
The events indicated on this page will feature ASL Interpretation.  

Will performances be sensory friendly? 
Green performances tend to be loud, so caution is advised for patrons with sensitivity to sound. Sealed earplugs will be made available at the Info Center on the green, and you may leave your pod at any time if you or someone in your group becomes overwhelmed. Yes - You can return to your pod after going to the restroom, going to a food truck, etc.   

Will the livestreamed events be captioned?  
Tune in on Facebook Live for automated captioning for all our events! Sound will run through our sound board so if it is spoken into a microphone then it will be heard. 

Are service dogs allowed in my pod? 
Dogs and other pets are not allowed unless protected by ADA. We will be asking, “What service does your animal provide?” and looking for Service Animal delineation. 

Who do I reach out to If I have questions about accommodations? 
If you have any issues or questions for your accommodations, please contact our Patron Services and Accessibility Coordinator Eddie Chase at (203) 498-3714 or