Fair Haven

Come out to the Fair Haven Neighborhood Festival and get ready to dance, sing, and gather together in community. Featuring bomba from Movimento Cultural, capoeira with Efraim Pereira da Silva, Mariachi Son de mi Tierra, percussion from Bregamos, the Music Note Kids Club, community resources, food, a vaccine clinic and more, this festival celebrates everything wonderful about Fair Haven and its cultural tapestry. 


About Fair Haven:

This Neighborhood Festival is organized for, of, and by Fair Haveners!

Fair Haven is a neighborhood in the eastern part of the city of New Haven, Connecticut, between the Mill and Quinnipiac rivers. The northeast section of the neighborhood is also known as Chatham Square. Most famous for its large Latinx population, Fair Haven sports a gorgeous waterfront as well as many delicious restaurants and cafes along Grand Avenue.

Movimiento Cultural Afro-Continental, Inc.

Movimiento Cultural Afro-Continental (MCAC), Inc., is a cultural, arts and community based organization. Our mission is to educate people across Connecticut about Puerto Rico’s rich African-based folklore, music, dance, and other art forms, especially the Bomba, which is the oldest Puerto Rican dance and music style rooted in resistance and dating back to the days of slavery.

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Bregamos Community Theater

Bregamos Community Theater provides a space where community members from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds can participate in the different facets of the theater. Bregamos Community Theater provides workshops that cover all aspects of the theatrical profession, including acting, writing, directing, casting, set designs, costume design, sound and lighting, we also offer after school programs for young people and intergenerational programs where seniors and the youth can come together to blend their experiences into rich theatrical creations. The theater is located in the heart of the Fair Haven neighborhood in Erector Square on Blatchley Ave. The theater’s location, embedded in the day-to-day life of the city, illuminates its mission- to create community based theater from the diverse stories and lives of New Haven residents.

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Capoeira with Efraim Pereira Da Silva

Capoeira - Afro Brazilian Martial Arts, Dance & Gymnastics

Maculele - Afro Brazilian Stick Dance Form

Efraim Da Silva has been teaching and performing Brazilian Music and Dance for the last 27 years in the schools in the Tri State area and working together with Arts For Learning CT, NY and NJ for about the same time. He has taught Capoeira, Music and Dance at Yale University, UConn, Southern University and in many different Countries all over the world.

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The Music Note Kids Club Inc.

The Music Note Kids Club, career development program where learning is made fun through an array of different careers children explore and learn while having fun. Puppet Workshop, Music DJ & Host, Arts & Crafts Button Making.

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Mariachi Son De Mi Tierra CT

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Carlos y Su Momento Musical Tropical