Of Interest to Festival Fans

Here is a bit of news that should be of interest to Festival Fans regarding artists and thinkers who have been part of past Festivals.
This year's prestigious Man Booker Prize figures into the lives of both Salaman Rushdie AND Sebastian Barry. You will remember that Rushdie was in New Haven for the Festival in 2005. Seems there is controversy out there about his books omission from the short list for this esteemed prize. But on the other hand, Sebastian Barry's latest book THE SECRET SCRIPTURE has been short-listed. This will be the second time on the short list for Barry. We were so fortunate this June to host the US premiere of his fabulous play THE PRIDE OF PARNELL STREET. It was a tremendous hit. And it was wonderful to have Sebastian with us during its run. And I have to say THE SECRET SCRIPTURE is definitely on my short list of favorite books in recent years.