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An Announcement About The 2009 Festival From Executive Director Mary Lou Aleskie

Dear Friends,

Global Interdependence. Think Global, Act Local. Responsibility and Accountability.

Who knew just how present these phrases would be today when we focused on our 2009 Festival theme "Global Identities/Local Heroes" two years ago?

Artists...Creators...Innovators...that's who. And they usually do know before the rest of us mere mortals.

Our Festival themes reveal themselves in the kind of artistic expression we see in creators around the world. When we set about looking for projects for the 2009 Festival, we noticed a common thread in the subjects and styles of work we were seeing and hearing.

We encountered many artists and projects rooted in specific cultural heritage but looking for a new voice or relevance in a contemporary world. Against a backdrop of questions about identity and morality, we find hopeful beauty in new voices that capture our hearts and reignite our passions reminding us what it means to be human and responsible for each other in a complex world.

The tapestry of arts and ideas we are assembling from around the world sets the stage for this year's Festival. As we bring the world to our own backyard, the Festival reminds us that internationalism is present everyday in the richness and creativity of our neighbors.

With a hopeful eye on the thawing that will come this Spring, we are announcing the Festival program earlier this year. Today we announce our theater and dance projects. A handful of music projects for the New Haven Green and Yale Courtyards are also being unveiled. In the coming weeks, we will have more to share on music, community projects, tours and ideas.

Get to know these artists through video and interviews available for your discovery and enjoyment on our website.

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Respectfully yours,

Mary Lou Aleskie
Executive Director
International Festival of Arts & Ideas