Special Offer for 2009/2010 Festival Members. Join us in Portland, OR at the PICA TBA:09 Festival!

Did you know that Cathy Edwards, the Director of Performance Programs at the Arts & Ideas Festival, has also been curating a multi-disciplinary performing arts festival in Portland, OR? As a 2009/2010 Festival Membership benefit, we invite you to help us celebrate Cathy’s first year as the Guest Artistic Director of the Time-Based Art Festival in Portland, Oregon. We’ve put together a special insider itinerary that will enable you to experience an art-filled adventure in one of the U.S.’s most engaging cities, complete with Cathy’s attention and insights into both Portland and the festival. This festival experience will take place from September 10-13th, 2009.

In Cathy’s words: “I’d love to share with Arts & Ideas members this adventure into very contemporary dance, music and theater, mixed with a top-notch visual arts component and site-specific tours and events as well. I look forward to talking about the differences and similarities between Time-Based Art and Arts & Ideas!”
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