Caravan of Thieves joins Chautauqua!


Caravan of Thieves

Caravan of Thieves - Gypsy Swinging Serenading Circus Freaks! Us musicians here in Caravan of Thieves do quite a few shows across North America and what inspires us to keep working at this is the opportunity to play our music and have unique performance experiences when we can. Our involvement in Chautauqua! and in Arts and Ideas Festival is just that. When we received the call about doing Chautauqua! and heard we would need to arrange music to fit the story, be involved directly in a theatrical production and just use some of our style and flair that goes into being CoT to enhance the event, we made sure to fit it into our schedule. Caravan of Thieves is based on a style of music and format that has been forgotten in some way. Digging into swing and gypsy jazz from the 1930's, classical music and our crazy stories sung by 'sweet' male/female pop harmony vocals is how we started on the path of creating something that continues to inspire us. And keeps us in search of new and fitting situations to put the band in. Though we tour out of state mostly, we are based in Bridgeport and New Haven, CT so this festival in not unfamiliar to us. We played last year at Arts and Ideas Fest on the green in New Haven and had a blast doing it. People there, including the kids, seemed to get a rise as our show is visual and interactive and seems to connect with all ages. We look forward to another fun experience!