Check out some of the great feedback!

We got a lot of great feedback this year.
Here are some of the things that people will remember about Festival 15:

International Festival of Arts & Ideas Festival Recap! What will you remember from Festival 15?

Vivien Perez
La Excelencia's Salsa Dura!!!!!

Eddie Willoughby Chase
Susurrus and the fellowship program!!!

Anibal AndyConga Collazo
Enjoying the New Haven community AND performing on your stage with Underground System Afrobeat!

Harlene LeVine
The parade of the brass playing 76 Trombones. Awesome.

International Festival of Arts & Ideas wonders what your favorite event has been so far this Festival?

Judith Milardo
Definitely, The Four Nations Ensemble, at Sprague Hall. Magnificent!

Kevin G. Ewing
So far I'm thinking the film "Dancing Across Borders" but it is running neck to neck with Bassekou.

Liz Pagano

Betsy Driebeek
Philip Glass, Moby Dick, Apollo 11, Pallestrina Boys choir all great but when I got to the last ticket and saw my receipt I was apalled to see I was charged $4 per ticket (handling) for 16 tickets. $64 extra for one transaction! An unfortunate deterrent to future years.

Linda Rocco Hughes
Sushi Making at Miya with my boys!!

Lauren Tagliatela
Bassekou was AMAZING. So glad we went.