Miguel Zenón to perform in Hartford on Saturday September 4

Grammy Award winner and MacArthur Grant recipient Miguel Zenón will be performing at the Polish National Home, 60 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford on Saturday, September 4. Tickets are $10 each. Click here to read the article in the Hartford Advocate.

La Rayuela is the title of a novel by Argentinean author Julio Cortazar that takes place both in Paris and in Buenos Aires. Miguel teamed up with French pianist Laurent Coq in writing the music, with Miguel focusing on the Parisian chapters as an inspiration, and Laurent focusing on the Argentinian chapters. The new music has its world premiere in Paris in April, at the Sunside Jazz club, with a quartet featuring cello and trombone player Dana Leong and percussion and tabla master Dan Weiss.

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas presented Miguel Zenón in a Courtyard Concert during the 2009 Festival.