Make an investment in the Festival on Monday November 1 at 8am

First-time donors to the International Festival of Arts & Ideas – don't miss your chance to double (or even triple) your investment in the Festival!

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is launching, a new online giving resource on Monday November 1 at 8am.

80% of the Festival's events are free, fusing arts and Ideas programs with hundreds of events with the best performers, speakers and leaders from more than 75 countries around the world. Tickets sales only cover a small portion of the cost of one of the world’s leading international festivals that engages this world community of artists and thinkers in dialogue, performance, symposia, tours, and learning.

By making your first donation to the Festival of $50 through, the greater our chances of winning grants - up to $25,000 - from the Community Foundation to help support these programs at the 16th annual Festival (June 11-25, 2011).

Please consider giving $50 on Monday November 1 to enable Festival interaction between artists, individuals, academics, performers from a broad array of backgrounds and genres and the community.

Here are the three easy steps that you’ll need to do:

1) Visit starting at 8am on Monday November 1 (the sooner you give that morning, the greater our chances of winning - the first three organizations to reach 50 donors at $50 will receive a $5,000 grant).

2) Select the page for the "New Haven International Festival of Arts & Ideas" - you can search by our name, category ("Arts, Culture, & Humanities") or alphabetical list (starting with "N" for "New Haven").

3) Make a donation of $50 to the Festival.

Give with knowledge. Give with confidence.

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