Rave Reviews for "Our Ladies" Keep Rolling In

Critics have a crush on "Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour," the National Theatre of Scotland's irresistibly irreverent new musical. They've been getting wildly enthusiastic reviews on their current U.K. tour and they land in New Haven for their U.S. Premiere June 10:

Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour Won't Please the Priest but We Think it's Divine

- Daily Record

"If you look up the word exceptional in a thesaurus it should give you the synonym National Theatre of Scotland. Once again the NTS has produced an outstanding piece of theatre which rivals the best seen in the last decade. Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour may be a bit risque for your parish priest but for the rest of us it shouldn’t leave a permanent stain on our character. Although a trip to confession may be in order for the uncontrollable sniggers as cancer patient Orla tells of her tragic efforts to lose her virginity to a dying man in a hospital bed. Naughty, yes, but funny? Absolutely. It is black humour in its densest form."

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Our Ladies are experts in the etiquette of nightlife

- Echo

"The vocal skills of the cast are never ignored, the action regularly halted for a rousing rendition (the ELO songbook gets a good thumbing) and Melissa Allan has to be singled out for producing some phenomenal notes while looking as frayed and exhausted as a cancer patient who's been dragged around Edinburgh for a few hours would. It gives a production which is essentially the voice of teenage aspiration that extra injection of youthful vigour, a regular reminder of why we're here. The only moments that provide a handbrake turn are the quieter monologues when we see the fragile kids behind the bravado."

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Brighton Festival Review: Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour, Theatre Royal Brighton

- A Younger Theatre
"This is a raucous and thoroughly enjoyable performance that captures the raw energy, passion and optimism of a group of teenage girls" . . . "it’s still rare to see a stage dominated by women, so I’m pleased the cast of Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour dominated in the way they did. The six young women have an infectious energy and are so incredibly ballsy; they fill the stage more than some musicals I’ve seen with huge ensembles."

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Enjoy this "belter" (that's Scottish for fantastic) show for yourself!