L'Homme Cirque

Acclaimed circus artist David Dimitri will turn the New Haven Green into his own high-flying playground this June, as he pitches his own tent and performs a breathtaking one-man show every day of the...

Festival 2013

Music of the People: Artists Talk About Music Inspiring Change

Siddharta Mitter, noted cultural critic, is joined by artists from the bands Noori, Red Baraat, and Asphalt Orchestra for a conversation about music as a tool for radical transformation in today's...

Ant Hampton: The Quiet Volume

In this video Ant Hampton, one of the creators of The Quiet Volume, shares his insights and observations about the show and tells us how he thinks this production at the Beineke Rare Book &...

An Exciting Announcement

Video Blog: May 2, 2013
Festival Director, Mary Lou Aleskie, shares some exciting news.

Tamar Gendler: Five Ancient Secrets to Modern Happiness

TAMAR GENDLER is professor of philosophy at Yale University and chair of the university’s philosophy department. From 2006 to 2010, she served as chair of Yale’s cognitive science program. During the...

A Preview of Festival 2013

Take a sneak peek at some of the exciting events coming to New Haven this summer.

2012/2013 Visionary Leadership Award honoring Charlayne Hunter-Gault

The Visionary Leadership Award honors a leader whose trailblazing work is impacting the world. Occurring outside of the annual Festival, the award connects the Festival’s Ideas programs to every day...

What is a Visionary Leader?

In honor of our upcoming Visionary Leadership Award and Luncheon, Zanaib Salbi, 2010 Visionary Leadership Award Recipient, talks about what it means to be a Visionary Leader.