Events for 06/14/2023


Tours 2023

Tapping the Possibilities

Learn how an element as seemingly simple as water can have a major impact on the community by touring an innovative water treatment plant. Learn how water from Lake Whitney is treated and delivered to New Haven and how the Regional Water Authority ensures that they’re providing clean and reliable water to its customers.

SOLD OUT: Please contact our Box Office at 203.498.3771 for additional support.


Stories 2023

Reconnect to Purpose

WORKSHOP: The power of story. This workshop, led by Denise Keyes Page the founder of Ubuntu Storytellers and co-founder of Women Tell by the Decades, introduces storytelling and listening as pathways to reconnect to purpose; to help us fill in the blank. Together in community we will respectfully mine our stories for the buried insights which can both strengthen and enlighten us. Our process begins with prompts for reflection in solitude, followed by pair and/or small group sharing of our recalled stories.


Food 2023

Soul de Cuba Storytelling Dinner

Enjoy a unique tasting menu from Soul de Cuba Cafe combining exquisite traditional Cuban dishes and special story telling guests for a night of good food and special stories.

SOLD OUT: Please contact our Box Office at 203.498.3771 for additional support.


More Art 2023

Ten Years Screening

There will be a 4 day film screening of the Ten Years, a series which started in Hong Kong and extended to Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. The series invites directors and viewers to envision and reimagine the future of their own environments. Attendees will participate in a talkback with Yale-China Artist Fellow Kit Hung immediately following the screening. The Ten Years screenings at the Festival are sponsored by the Council on East Asian Studies at Yale and the Council on Southeast Asian Studies at Yale.


Stories 2023

Adult Invitational Poetry SLAM

In Partnership with The Word

Experience the power of live poetry with the top slam poets from throughout the Northeast. Equally skilled in their writing as in their delivery, the poets will engage and entertain guests while competing for a prize of $1000. Come cheer on these incredible performers as they battle for the top spot.

Tours 2023

Your Passport to City Parks

Granite rubbing stones are scattered throughout New Haven Parks. Get your passport and start collecting your stone rubbings on this tour and learn some park history along the way.


Theater 2023

La Fille Du Laitier: Macbeth Muet

Inspired by the burlesque acting of silent films, this silent, bold, brutal and bloody performance takes us on a wordless journey through the ruthless pursuit of power with humour and melodramatic gestures.