Events for 06/20/2023


Tours 2023

The Humanities Quadrangel at Yale

Take a guided tour of the Humanities Quadrangle at Yale. The newly renovated 14-story building, formerly known as the Hall of Graduate Studies, recently began a new era for the Humanities at Yale.

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Tours 2023

Makers Underground Workshop

Discover a downtown workshop hidden away in a subterranean location with wood, metal, textile 3d printing and more. We will show you how wood can be cut with lasers and metal cut with water, as well as show you examples of what artists and entrepreneurs have made.

SOLD OUT: Please contact our Box Office at 203.498.3771 for additional support.

Stories 2023

Reinvention Rebels Podcast Live

The Reinvention Rebels podcast shares stories of amazing women, 50-90 years young, who have boldly reimagined life on their own terms, to find new purpose and possibilities.


More Art 2023

Ten Years Screening

There will be a 4 day film screening of the Ten Years, a series which started in Hong Kong and extended to Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. The series invites directors and viewers to envision and reimagine the future of their own environments. Attendees will participate in a talkback with Yale-China Artist Fellow Kit Hung immediately following the screening. The Ten Years screenings at the Festival are sponsored by the Council on East Asian Studies at Yale and the Council on Southeast Asian Studies at Yale.


Food 2023

Dreaming in Spice From Marrakech

Thoughtfully delicious food excites taste buds even as it elevates the community of individuals who help bring it to fruition for the dinner table. Chef Hari Pulapaka specializes in thoughtfully crafted and globally inspired food. In this session, Chef Hari will demo a Sinfully Vegetarian B’steeya served with a Basil, Cilantro, and Cashew Chutney.

The dish demonstrates the power of fresh herbs, acidity, spices, and a global sensitivity in making food delicious, nourishing, uplifting, and transporting. Attendees will be able to sample the dish.

SOLD OUT: Please contact our Box Office at 203.498.3771 for additional support.


Theater 2023


Presented by Ice the Beef & Elm Shakespeare Company

Through Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Hamlet, we explore these questions: What is the difference between seeking revenge and seeking justice? Is the cost of getting one’s revenge too high? What innocent parties get caught in the crossfire?  After the play, the ensemble will share a trio of contemporary scenes inspired by real life experiences that offer tactics for violence de-escalation. Ice the Beef is a student-driven nonprofit, dedicated to empowering teens who want to end gun violence.