If You Knew You Then & ESCAPADE

Elm City Dance Collective and Luis Antonio Productions

Elm City Dance Collective has been an important fixture representing contemporary dance in New Haven for almost 10 years. The company's imaginative approach to dance performance, creation and education has provided the community with memorable dance experiences that have greatly impacted the way New Haven engages dance. ECDC will be showing their latest work, choreographed by Kellie Lynch in collaboration with the dancers, If You Knew You Then. The work presents a robust movement landscape where the performers are challenged with negotiating group chemistry and social constructs as they move through a social and solitary terrain.

Luis Antonio Productions' ESCAPADE is a theatrical production that uses various elements of dance, drag performance, and live singing to tell a deeply affecting story of human transcendence through struggle and self-reflection. Anchored in a pop-musical narrative that spans decades of styles and international influence ESCAPADE tells a personal story that is in many ways every persons story. It offers an immersive experience that guides the audience through an expedition of self-discovery to arrive at the joyful celebration of learning and overcoming by embracing as necessary the inevitable obstacles that are a part of the universal journey of being human.

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