NHDocs: June 7

Works in Progress Screenings
3:00PM @ Screening Room 208, Whitney Humanities Center

Best Video presents: The Village: Life in New Haven's Little Italy
Dir. Steve Hamm
The Village: Life in New Haven’s Little Italy, tells the story of the city’s Wooster Square neighborhood, which for many years was a tight-knit Italian-American enclave.

Out of My Head
Dir. Susana Styrom
7:00PM-8:17PM @ Screening Room 208, Whitney Humanities Center
When a filmmaker investigates the devastating migraines which have her daughter in their grip, she discovers migraine is not just the terrible headache she always thought it to be, but a mysterious, deeply stigmatized neurological disease afflicting nearly a billion people worldwide. So she decides to make a film and trace the journey, as mother and daughter seek understanding and ever-elusive treatment.

Sickies Making Movies
Dir. Joe Tropea
8:30PM-9:45PM @ Whitney Humanities Center
A love letter to film history, Sickies Making Films looks at our urge to censor movies and asks, Why? By focusing on the Maryland Board of Censors, the nation’s longest lasting censor board, we discover reasons both absurd and surprisingly understandable.

Shorts Block #3 9:00PM

Charcoal (Nasty Women FF winner)
Dir. Francesca Andre
5 min
Charcoal captures the parallel stories of two black women and their lifelong journey to overcome internalized colorism, find self-acceptance and ultimately redemption.

Dir. Kristin Zimney, Annie Franks, Aloha Backenstose, and Angela Rios
17 min
An undocumented immigrant's fight to keep the American Dream alive after President Trump's decision to rescind the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.

Election Day 2016
Dir. Linda Moroney
15 min
After a long and contentious presidential campaign, more than 10,000 people spontaneously visited Susan B. Anthony's grave in Rochester, New York to pay tribute to America's most famous suffragist and place their “I Voted Today” stickers upon her headstone as an expression of their pride and gratitude. Although the gravesite was still a gathering place the next day, the atmosphere was far different.

The Secret Life of Muslims
3 min

The Last Utopia?
Dir. Alexandre Honey
17 min