The 5th Annual Juneteenth Celebration

Happy Juneteenth!

Join us Saturday, June 16th from 11:45am - 5:30pm on the western end of the New Haven Green between Temple and College Streets for the 5th Annual Juneteenth Celebration as part of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas in collaboration with several active New Haven organizations.  Junteenth Celebration 2018 will present a variety of performance art mediums, galleries, memorabilia from enslavement, our traditional elder honoring ceremony, a concert of your favorite New Haven artists exploring the evolution of Hip-Hop music and the relation between African-American struggle for independence and survival in America from Africa, to enslavement, to emancipation, and beyond while conveying the over-arching theme of the arts as a force and weapon of social justice. Connecting melanated people throughout the diaspora, Juneteenth is a celebration of the strength of the melanated people of the Americas and for us, specifically New Haven  inhabitants. A town where the majority of the families of African descent are direct descendants of enslaved people who walked their way to freedom and opportunity during the Great Migration to work in the factories on Winchester and beyond.

Express your pride and honor of emancipation for the people who survived the maafa and join us in fun filled activities for the entire family including: culturally and academically based arts & crafts, double Dutch, martial arts, food cooking demonstrations, drum classes, storytelling, community organizing that empower your vote, your health, and your evolvement in the continuing movement for racial justice, chess, songs, dance, spoken word, live bands, live DJ, fraternities, and electrifying theatrical historical presentations, and more!

Please, join us in celebrating Juneteenth 2018, and don't forget to sign up with the Juneteenth coalition for next year. With your support and involvement, we'll continue to move forward with making sure Juneteenth is always celebrated as a public holiday in greater New Haven with a yearly celebration on the New Haven Green. Our Juneteenth celebration is a growing festival, celebrating, honoring, and remembering the important history of America.

Juneteenth Celebration is organized by — Artsucation Academy Network, The Descendants of the Connecticut 29th Colored Voluntary Infantry, CTCORE-Organize Now!, Whitneyville Cultural Common, Citywide Youth Coalition and the International Festival of Arts & Ideas.