Without Habits: A Path to Purpose

We spend so much energy trying to cultivate healthier habits. But what might our days feel like if, instead, we question and cut out just one habit for a short period of time? What discomfort might manifest when social media, sugar, or instant self-deprecating thought are gone from our days? How might we face that space? With time, how might our physical, social, and inner lives transform? With insight from experts in neuroscience, psychology, medicine, art, and design, Jacqueline Raposo, author of The Me, Without, guides how reframing habits can lead to healing, happiness, and a purposeful personal path.

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Jacqueline Raposo

Freelance journalist Jacqueline Raposo has produced hundreds of interview-focused stories crossing print, digital media, and podcast production. As the producer and co-host of the Love Bites Radio podcast, she studies why and how we love. And with decades of chronic illness stemming from Lyme disease and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis behind her, she advocates for the sick + happy life as the co-founder of the #MarchingWithMe campaign and a chronic illness essayist.

Jacqueline has spoken at The New School, Designers & Geeks, The Action Network, FDW.US. and Taste Talks. She hosts web videos, teaches creative workshops, and The New York Times once called her “clearly a talent to watch” for her skill on a theatrical stage. Her purpose with such engagements? To open honest dialogue and help other humans connect with the hard stuff inside of them.

Jacqueline's first book, The Me, Without: A Year Exploring Habit, Healing, and Happiness (Ixia Press, 2019), explores the effect of habit abstinence on physical health, social interaction, and sense of self-worth with insight from professionals across the arts and sciences. “In her eloquent debut, a memoir and meditation on living with less... Raposo’s engaging report on stripping life down will inspire readers looking for manageable tweaks to hectic living.” - Publisher's Weekly

Connect at www.jacquelineraposo.com. Look at pretty things with her on social media @wordsfoodart (IG/T) and @JacquelineRaposoWriter (FB). 

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