Words Reclaiming Worlds

featuring New Haven / Northeast writers and spoken word artists Keona-Marie, Duke Porter, and Paul Hudson

Poets and other creative writers from the northeastern United States share poems and conversation about the shifting relationship between identity and place. How can poets and other culture creators challenge or shift the identity of a place? How can a place challenge or shift our own intersecting identities?

Keona-Marie Gomes

Keona-Marie Gomes is a New Haven Native and proud artist, dedicated to playwriting, animation and motivation of youth in the community. As a sophomore and theatre major in Cooperative Arts and Humanities high school, she hopes to study acting or psychology in the future.

Duke Porter

Duke Porter (Duke) is best described as an “artivist”. He is an award winning poet, the Program Manager for the Pride Center of Maryland . And the Coordinator of Eastern Regional Projects and Affairs for Black Men’s Xchange, Duke is responsible for leading trainings, workshops, and organizing cultural events that promote the excellence and wellness of Black people across the gender and sexuality spectrum. His passion for building and uniting Black people has allowed him to be a voice for his community nationally.

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