Writing Workshop with Toto Kisaku: One square, Billions of lives... which seeds for the green?

Who has nothing, yet has everything? Who has everything, yet has nothing? These are questions of materiality versus humanity.

Toto Kisaku, award-winning Congolese playwright, actor, director, producer, and Arts & Ideas Artist in Residence, will guide writers to consider who truly is empty, who is not, and the gaps we each have to fill. Through this workshop on the Green, find balance in a society that often lacks perception, empathy and warmth.

The Green is a fitting platform to think about our diverse yet unified community. How do we explore questions of inequality and inequity? We can start by coming together in this common space and using it as an opportunity for positive action.

Writers will connect and cross their understandings of life, land, community, space, and history, discovering what each theme means to them. The goal of this workshop is to offer the space for you to explore and share your voice by creating a piece and performing it on the stage.

We are all waiting to be charged by the energy of others’ stories. Please join us and bring the seeds of inspiration—your own voices.

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