Stories & Storytelling: You, Me and the World Around Us

with Storyteller Laconia Therrio

Stories remind us more of our commonalities than our differences. Race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, politics can divide. What if there was a way to hear one another without defensiveness? What if there was a way that we could “see” what the other is trying to say? And while doing that, they can “see” what we are trying to say. Stories can help. Be it personal, folktale, fall tale, myth or even scary, story can be an avenue not only to communicate, but to understand. You may not even agree, but you’ll have a window to understand the other, to understand the world around you.

In this session,

  • You'll tell a story about yourself and experience another’s story
  • Learn the different genres in the field of storytelling
  • Learn and consider a story’s impact on the human spirit
  • Learn distinctive ways to understand stories (short stories will be provided)
  • Affirm your capacity to assert your unique voice for telling a story
  • If time allows, tell a short story (up to 3 minutes)