Dinner Stories #2

New Haven: Why I Came and Why I Stayed

Sit down to dinner in the comfort of your own home and enjoy three New Haven storytellers sharing stories on the theme of New Haven - Why I Came and Why I Stayed.

Appetizer Course: Elisabeth Anton sharing her story "Becoming a Yalie"

Main Course: Wendy Marans sharing her story "Elephants and Gems"

Dessert: Denise Page sharing her story "Coming Home"

With music by: Seth Adam

Elisabeth Anton

Elisabeth has been telling stories ever since the tender age of two when she memorized Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham,” and pretended to be reading to impress her uncle. She began writing her stories down sometime thereafter, and has spent her life telling stories in a variety of forms. Elisabeth recently joined the storytelling group at the Institute Library in New Haven, where she is learning how to craft compelling stories from her personal experiences. She is delighted to be part of the vibrant, Connecticut storytelling community.

Denise Page

Denise Manning Page is a writer, speaker and retreat facilitator who ha newly discovered the joy of oral storytelling. She is a Connecticut native and much of her writing and many of her stories stem from her experience of being a multi-generational New Englander.  Denise believes that sharing and listening to the life stories of others has the capacity to normalize the inevitable challenges of life and deepen understanding of others.  She is the mom of two, grandmother of four, including identical twin toddler grandsons.
She feels her best stories must wait until they are old enough to disavow any relationship to her and consequently not be embarrassed by them. Currently her address is in Madison but her soul lives in New Haven. She is the Vision Engineer for F.U.N.;  FiredUP! Network for women aging with zest.

Wendy Marans

Wendy started out listening to her father telling stories - and began crafting her own in 2014, at the Institute Library in New Haven. She’s been heard around CT at venues including Saul Fussiner’s Songs and Stories, The Buttonwood Tree, where she is a member of the Story City Troupe, and at Karen DuBois Walton and Kevin Walton’s Storyteller’s New Haven. She survived a NYC Moth Slam and lived to tell more stories. Wendy’s a quilter-turned-mask-maker, an aspiring cellist, and a speech pathologist who works with children. She’s on the Board of Music Haven, whose story inspires her.

Seth Adam

Singer/Songwriter Seth Adam writes compelling, genuine songs with honest lyrics. Taking cues from artists like Counting Crows, Tom Petty, and Jason Isbell, he creates his own brand of Americana Rock & Roll.