New Haven's African American, Indigenous, and Latinx History

This map was co-created by students in the African American and Latinx History class at Metropolitan, a local New Haven high school. It includes sites from across the city, spanning hundreds of years, from before European colonization of this land, to the present. This map is an opportunity to share the dynamic history of New Haven, as well as an invitation to reflect on the depth and power of African-American, Indigenous, and Latinx history, not only in New Haven, but across the country, a history that is all too often left out of textbooks and curricula. There is so much more we can and will add to this ever growing map, and soon we will be sharing two audio walking tours, one of Dixwell and one of the Hill. We welcome your suggestions and accompanying primary and secondary sources. Please feel free to reach out by emailing: 


PODCAST: A Peoples' History of Dixwell

PODCAST: A Peoples' History of the Hill

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