More or Less I Am, Episode 1: Journey

Compagnia de' Colombari

Inspired by Walt Whitman’s revolutionary poem “Song of Myself,” the international collective Compagnia de’ Colombari combines fiddle and flute, dance, sea shanties, opera, and poetry in a declaration of American independence and diversity that invokes the spirit of Whitman’s abiding masterpiece. Audiences consistently name the company’s 2016 production, The Merchant of Venice, as one of their favorite Festival performances of the last 25 years. This online performance of More Or Less I Am will be presented in four installations: Journey, The City, Nature + Democracy, and Gratitude, with a musical coda from the live performance at Greene Space in 2012.

Program Notes

Let us proclaim it and walk together.

Stop: Linda Powell, Sorab Wadia, Patrick Davis, Francesca Sara Toich, Paul Spera, Abigail Killeen, Annike Pfeiffer, Juliana Francis Kelly, Margarethe Kelly, Dietrice Bolden

I Celebrate: Ayeje Feamster + Patrick Davis

I Tramp: Paul-Robert Pryce + Sandro Isaack + Michael Potts with Dietrice Bolden, Sarah Heltzel, Giovanni Pucci, Frank Rodriguez