Bike Tour: Water, Water Everywhere

presented in partnership with Elm City Cycling

Step away from Zoom and hop onto your stationary bike to explore New Haven's rich and varied water resources, its rivers, estuaries, and harbor. Linger awhile at the Fair Haven riverfront, scout for beavers at Beaver Ponds Park, pedal along the shoreline at NH Harbor in East Shore Park. Learn about the ways we enjoy and protect these fragile assets in a time of climate change and increasing ecological awareness. And, get a bit of exercise in the process!

Tour content produced by Paul Chambers. Video edited by Cliff Baird.

Feeling like getting out of the house? You can jump on your bike and follow the map to experience the journey yourself. You can still enjoy insight from the tour guides by listening to the audio files below at the designated stops along the route. 

turn-by-turn map



1. Whitney Dam @ 945 Whitney Ave

2. Mill River trail off John W Murphy Dr

3. Riverfront in Fair Haven opposite 165 Front St

4. Living Shoreline at NH Harbor in East Shore Park

5. Long Wharf Pier

6. New Haven Harbor Sound School bioswales

7. West River Tide Gate adjacent to 2 Boston Post Road, West Haven

8. Former Pond Lilly Dam at north end of Whalley Commons

9. Beaver Ponds Park

10. Outro

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