Sova Dance & Puppet Theater

"Marvelous Metamorphoses" is a performance regarding the art of transformation through puppetry, dance and mask theatre. Experience the metamorphoses that occurs in nature daily through this fun-filled show with original music that will make you move your feet.

ADELKA POLAK is an interdisciplinary performing artist who founded Sova Dance & Puppet Theater in CT in 2013. She performed in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria and Taiwan with Masque Theatre since 2008. Her work has performed at LaMama, E.T.C. and the New Victory most recently with Ibex Puppetry and in 2007 with the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater. She worked with Squonk Opera from 2002-2004 and tour internationally with this avant-garde theatre troupe that went “from junkyards to Broadway.” Sova Theater provides puppet & dance theater programs to early learning centers, museums, public schools, and home-schooled youth in CT & NY. Sova Theater advocates responsibility to humanity and the environment through arts and education. “Sova" means “owl" in Slovak.