We are a duo playing music for and by people of all races, nationalities, ages, and abilities, no matter who they love or what they believe. We foresee a future where the Arts bring us together even when we must stand six feet apart. We see art education as a way to cultivate patience and tolerance in our children.

Violin/sanity brings you a range of emotions with just two instrumental musicians. Whether it's a Mozart Aria, a Scandinavian dance, or even some swing or 60's tunes that you want to hear, we've got you covered. Don't let our silly antics during our performance distract you from our playing! As longtime members of the Hartford and New Haven symphonies who's played all over the globe, we will make sure to serve up your tunes just the way you like them.

Lisa Rautenberg has performed as a soloist at many major concert venues, including Carnegie Hall, Orchestra Hall Chicago, and BBC London. Gretchen Frazier has played at various festivals including Piccolo Spoleto USA, Opera Theater of Lucca, and with Madame Thalia's Vaudeville Troupe. Together, they bring you an uplifting live music experience and a few laughs (hopefully not at the musicians' expense).