Miss Mae's Singing and Storytelling


Mae Gibson-Brown was born in West Virginia, and is currently a retired educator of 48 years. She attended Southern CT State University and received her Bachelor Degree in Theology in 1988 from The American Bible Institute and her Masters Degree in 2017 at the age of 79. She taught in New Haven and is one of the founding teachers of Wightwood School, a private pre-k - 8th grade school in Branford, CT. As the only African-American educator at the school, she took on the responsibility as the Multicultural Affairs Coordinator, which was responsible for the rich culture diversity of Wightwood.

Mae Gibson-Brown is a Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Gospel Singer, Domestic Violence Educator, Life Coach, Zoom Story Telling with Children, at age 65 became a Foster Mother and Spiritual Counselor to many. Most of her engagements are with churches, colleges, prisons and universities, where she is able to share her life history of being raised when segregation and racism was a common practice in this country. She is well known for her teaching on “Respecting and Educating Children of Color.”

Mae Gibson-Brown is the proud mother of 6 children, with 17 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great grandchild and a host of spiritual children. She takes pride in her family which is filled with the gift of music. She and her family are famous for ministering to hundreds over the years by way of theaters, and congregations throughout Connecticut, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland and beyond. Thirty six years ago, Mae Gibson-Brown co-founded The Salt and Pepper Gospel Singers, a gospel group that has a mixture of races, cultures and faiths, that sings Black Gospel Music. She is synonymous with Faith! Anyone that knows her can attest to that fact.

Today, Mae Gibson-Brown is an Elder at St. Matthews U.F.W.B. Church in New Haven, CT, where Elder Kevin C. Hardy is the Pastor. She is also known for her “Mega on the Move”, travel experiences. In addition, she has a Shoe Box Ministry that helps the Homeless. As a result of her volunteering and community service she was given the 2015 “Sojourner Truth Award” from the New Haven Chapter of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women. Her favorite color is Purple and her hobby is collecting Elephants.