Art is an expression of who we are. What we feel. What we need. What we give. Art is self love realized even when without art remains. It teaches us what education cannot. It teaches us humanity, humility and how to introspect and reflect. Beyond this year I imagine the community relying on the arts, creativity, music and stories. More than ever we will see and hear one another and with my and with my name being ‘Joy’ I intend to bring it back to people as I too will receive it from them.

My performance will be a reminder that kindness and togetherness is a spirit we need now more than ever. If we can imagine it we can be it. It is going to be sweet melodic sounds that are joyful fueled by Thabisa’s life story and with the influence of Mama Africa Miriam Makeba who was humanitarian and Stella musician. Thabisa will bring you sounds from her 2 albums and new music.

Thabisa is a loving mom, wife, singer/songwriter, activist and artist. She often leans towards calling herself a GenerArtist taken from the word ‘Generalist’. She hails from South Africa and now calls New Haven her home. She has been practicing her music for close to two decades and has two albums under her belt ‘Eyodidi’ 2015 and ‘The Journey’ 2013 including new single ‘ Sweet Sorrow’ 2020. Thabisa is passionate about community and children. On her 3rd offering she hopes to not only tell her story but unveil stories of the unheard and unseen. Thabisa’s music is a blend of Afro soul, jazz and RnB. Her music is for the world. Follow her on Instagram @thabisamusic.