The Howling Hound Dogs


Imagine a new world! A new world is what we now have. Yes our many and various 2020 challenges have brought much sorrow and pain. But it has also opened our eyes and senses to be more aware of what is wonderful in our lives. If we imagine it we can create a new and wonderful world, better than the one we had. As a musical group this has made us even more aware of the nurturing and rewarding power of music to enrich, heal and help the community to feel connected.

We are offering a fun and exciting family friendly musical performance. Our band is known for playing upbeat and uplifting shows. Positive songs and funny tunes, very entertaining both in the music and interactions with the audience. We love to bet folks singing and clapping along and having a good time and we're good at motivating people to enjoy themselves and the music. 

The Howling Hound Dogs are a washboard, roots acoustic trio whose motto is, “All for Fun and Fun for All! Their hand clappin’, toe tappin’ and finger snappin’ tunes draw on jug band, upbeat blues and folk traditions. They’ve played festivals, schools, libraries and town events and have appeared on TV and radio. Their fun shows always leave people happy and smiling. Their unique performances include swing, classic country and funny originals played on ukulele, guitar, kazoo, harmonica, banjo, washboard, and spoons. Where else will you hear a solo played on the spoons?