Alexis Robbins, Cliff Schloss, and Dylan Olimpi McDonnell


Our performance fits this year's theme of Imagine because after many months of patience and dreaming, we are able to come back together and share space and converse the only we we know how, through music. We represent different artforms and aspects of the New Haven community joining to express the pains and joys of this past year. We create and imagine together through improvisation, which is most certainly the key to art and love moving forwards.

Enjoy tap dance as percussion in conversation with flute, saxophone, guitar, and/or bass. A trio of musicians sharing their favorite jazz standards and embarking on improvisational prompts and journeys. Alexis, Cliff, and Dylan will perform a set that will provide a window into their own interpretations of time, so that you can momentarily forget it exists.

Alexis Robbins, Cliff Schloss, and Dylan Olimpi McDonnell are a collaborative trio of New Haven based artists, musicians, and improvisors. Robbins is a tap and contemporary dance choreographer, educator, performer, collaborator, and Artistic Director of kamrDANCE. Schloss is a multi-instrumentalist, educator, and composer who works as a private music instructor and as executive assistant at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas. McDonnell is a multi-instrumentalist and music teacher who is a member of the band Phat A$tronaut as well as an eclectic variety of other projects. You can catch them playing for tap classes in East Rock Park this summer!