The END Ensemble

Music & Dance

2020 has shown us that art is not only a valuable tool to heighten our appreciation of love and life, but an essential part our daily routines. Our performance invokes new worlds only accessible through art and more specifically, the medium of music and dance. This universal language, both primitive and timeless, contains the power to strengthen, unite, and enhance the bonds between us.

Our performance is a partnership featuring live contemporary double bass music and modern dance. The performance is catered to the event, theme, or venue presented by community members. We use our surroundings and the stories of the audience to inspire new, one-of-a-kind performances that are deeply personal and unique, creating a lasting impression and experience for all.

The END Ensemble is a project-based contemporary dance company located in Hartford, CT. Founded in 2017 by Artistic Director Erica Nelson, they pride themselves on collaboration across all art forms with the goal of strengthening the arts community throughout the Greater Hartford area. Visual artists, composers, writers, and live musicians are regularly commissioned and featured alongside new dance works that not only contribute to but also challenge the dance canon. They engage their audiences with provocative and visceral subject matter that explores the human condition. Follow them on Facebook and InstagramĀ @theendensemble.