Imagination is the biggest nation we are all a part of, Imagine a world where your outer appearance affects your inner being. From Covid to police brutality, even to music...everything has an effect on a person, but the results can differ due to your mindset.

Take a single individual going through everyday life, From the moment they wake to when they finally lay down to fall asleep. The choices they make: from the clothes they wear, to the food they eat, to the everyday interactions with life. How does it affect the person, how they see, how they feel, what they’re thinking. I’m giving an up close look at the thought process of a artist/dancer navigating through a life of choices, both good and bad. In the end, you will see how with perseverance and faith, you can overcome any obstacle...including 2020.

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Previous work includes Kanye West - Sunday Service (Mothers Day), 1 Gold Medal World Championship, 2 Gold Medal World Championships (Choreography), Kick Like Liquor - Music Video, Good Morning Texas WFAA (National Dance Day).