Cliff Schloss, Izaiah Richards, and Briana Williams


Besides having a new song of the same name, this year has led us to imagine art with the ability to both capture our emotions during these time and heal our souls from some of the daily trauma.

Cliff Schloss and Izaiah Richards both play acoustic guitar, weaving in and out of rhythmic and melodic duties creating a full sound. Briana William will be accompanying the duo for two original songs on vocals. All songs performed are original compositions by Cliff Schloss made in collaboration with Briana Williams and Izaiah Richards with vocals from both Cliff Schloss and Briana Williams. The genre blending sound can be described as R&B/Jazz/Alternative/Indie/Bossa.

Cliff Schloss is a local new haven multi instrumentalist, educator, and composer who currently works as a private music instructor and as executive assistant at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas. Izaiah Richards is a local new haven guitarist and producer with a long history of collaboration with Schloss. The two are family and have gigged the new haven area as a duo. Briana Williams is a new haven based emerging singer songwriter who pulls inspiration from her life experiences and from beloved artists such as Nina Simone and Joanna Newsom.